Should you buy new furniture or reupholster?

Let’s be honest – fully reupholstering your furniture is not cheap. Think of it as major surgery on your furniture. It get stripped down to the frame / skeleton and then rebuilt, layer by layer, explaining the cost.

So, should you buy new or reupholster? The right question to ask is: Is my furniture worth reupholstering? 2 Decades ago they generally still made good furniture, using quality materials but in today’s mass produced imported market, what you see is not necessarily what you get. Quality furniture comes at a price - a price almost always more than it would cost to revive your own old quality furniture. Here’s what to look for in determining if your furniture is worth major surgery: • it has a solid and heavy frame • it is structurally sturdy • has lasted for 12 years or more and • is still comfortable despite the way it looks

Tick these boxes and your money spent on reupholstering your favourite piece of furniture will be an investment. Provided you choose a good upholsterer and durable fabric, you’ll get a virtually new piece of furniture, made to your personal taste which will last for many years to come.

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