2016 Trends in Upholstery Fabrics

What trends will take the lead in the design of upholstery in the upcoming year? They will certainly include printed and quilted fabrics, which are currently taking over the design market worldwide.

The year 2016 will be hailed as a "Well-being" year, the motto that manifests itself as the idea of treating the house as an oasis of tranquility where we can relax away from work or the Internet world. That trend is expressed through a variety of textures, colors, patterns and structures of fabrics and is divided into four groups.

The first group includes whites and all its shades. The color conveys the feeling of tenderness and clarity that will improve our mood and calm our feelings. The second group includes pulsating colors, strong contrasts and vibrant hues, to cater to those with a more artistic personality. The third group shimmers with different shades of green - from the color of moss and minerals to the colors of the earth as seen from space. The fourth group includes rich and deep reds, vermilions, carmines, browns and accents of gold and copper. We already know that that these four diverse groups will determine modern design trends of 2016.

Fabrics with various textures containing repetitions, folds and bends are currently fashionable - they evoke intense feelings in the audience. Therefore, this year, customers can expect a variety of forms and boldness in the design that will arouse our senses when looking at them.

Speaking about today's trends, we cannot forget the 3-D printed fabrics, with different images and pictograms. Printed fabrics project the idea of modernity and combine innovative printing technology with a fresh approach to design. List of printed fabrics can be found in our catalog and their wide range will help you choose the appropriate fabric.

This year will also see multicolored quilted fabrics coming into fashion. Their texture adds elegance to the furniture; therefore they will look great both in spacious areas and smaller rooms.

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