10 Best Reasons to Buy Custom Made Furniture

Your home is your story. Your home reflects who you are. It’s a way for you to share your personality, your sense of style. Your furnishings should be a reflection of that style.

Whether you are in the market for a certain piece or are looking to furnish an entire room, selecting custom made furniture may be the perfect way to get the look you’re after. Nothing compares to creating something handcrafted according to your expectations. But if you’ve never commissioned a piece before, the thought can be a little daunting. Where do you start? What if you make a mistake?

The process is easier than you think. And it provides you with a host of benefits.

1. It’s a quality piece

Custom craftsmen take more time and care when putting each piece of furniture together. They don’t produce furniture on a quota, or to get as many shipments out as possible. Instead, they spend the time necessary to make sure each piece is crafted to perfection. Because custom made furniture is created one piece at a time, each portion of the piece is selected with care. You know it will contain the best wood, the best fabric, the best materials available.

2. It’s personal

Have you ever made something with love? Crafted it yourself? Put in your own special touches? Custom made furniture allows you to do that with the furnishings of your home. You can choose what makes you happy, what makes you comfortable, what works with your décor. You can choose a style based on how you like to live. You can choose options that work with your lifestyle. And colors and patterns make your choices almost unlimited. Let your personality ring through.

3. It’s unique in design

Have you ever fallen in love with a sweater, purchased it and worn it out to a party, only to find someone else is wearing it too? It deflates your love for it instantly. We all want our own uniqueness to stand out in everything we do. And when you buy something from a “big box store” or a chain warehouse that is in every major city around the country, the odds are you’ll find that very same look over and over again. Custom furniture is never duplicated. When you can make choices for everything from the ground up, you know your custom piece of furniture will be uniquely your own. You’ll never find it at the home of a co-worker, or at the home of a friend.

4. It’s a perfect fit

Every home has one. The nook that is an odd size. A room with strange angles. Windows and doors in the wrong places. And every time you’ve purchased a piece of furniture in the past, something just isn’t right when you introduce it to your “problem” area. With custom made furniture, you’ll never have that problem again. You can order in and size and dimension you choose. You can make special accomodations for whatever your problem area brings on. Measure it, then bring in your wishes. A custom designer will happily help you create the perfect look for your “problem” area.

5. It takes less time than you think

Have you ever thought custom furniture must take months to create? You’ll never get custom made furniture in time for the big party you’re planning soon. Or will you? There’s a common myth that custom made furniture takes weeks, even months to create. It’s shorter than you think. Every manufacturer is different. Yet on average, most custom orders will take anywhere from six to ten weeks to deliver. For example, when you order a Stickley bedroom set, they will most likely be creating the bed, and other pieces step by step from the cutting room floor, right through the finish and trim departments. If you have timeframes in mind, just ask.

6. It’s affordable

Custom furniture isn’t necessarily more costly than ready-made pieces. And in many cases, pricing may actually be lower. Even your ready-made pieces have to absorb designer fees, taxes, shipping, advertising, overhead costs to be sold on a showroom floor.

You also have to take into account the cost of owning a bad piece of furniture. Have you ever purchased an item for a room in your home, only to have misgivings about it from the moment it’s delivered? Your dislike grows with each new day until you trade it in for something new a few months after purchase. Two costs. Two time commitments. And months of being anything but happy.

7. It has more value

Custom furniture often retains its value from year to year because it remains a quality piece of furniture, no matter how much you use it. Even if you choose to sell it after several years, it may still have value in the second-hand market. Quality workmanship will continue to shine through year after year.

8. It offers you a local option

Hate the thought of purchasing furniture exported from overseas? With many custom made furniture manufacturers, they handcraft their products right here in the United States, possibly even your own local community. It’s a great way owning something that is built and sold by the people around you, living and working in your community too.

9. If may offer you a green option

Custom made furniture can also allow you to build special interests into your finished design. Is choosing a green option right for you? Talk with your custom designer. They can help you choose products built with sustainability in mind. And by buying local, you’ll also reduce the carbon footprint required to build it in a different country, and ship it in from overseas.

10. It allows your imagination to run wild

What does you heart desire? We all have a “dream” file of things that motivate us, things we love. Ever used Pinterest to create vision boards for your perfect home? Does your dream home have a certain look, a certain style? Is your signature color a shade or royal blue? Even if you have a family heirloom you’re building your décor around, with custom made furniture, anything is possible. Let your imagination run wild.Gather photos and websites for inspiration. Then bring in your ideas and share them with a designer. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll go from idea to reality, all with the perfect end design in place. It really isn’t that difficult to create the perfect custom made furniture piece when you’re ready to begin.

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