Give furniture new life, become an upholsterer

Are you thinking of becoming an upholsterer? If you enjoy working with your hands and you are physically fit, this could be the right career for you. From cutting material to operating machines, there are plenty of duties that are associated with this position. Read our informative blog to discover everything you need to know about these manufacturing jobs. While you can find positions that offer on-the-job training, you can increase your chances of getting hired by completing relevant courses. If you are looking for a career in the manufacturing industry, look for upholstery jobs on Job Mail.

What is upholstering?

An upholsterer is responsible for a range of routine tasks, which include cutting materials according to patterns and templates. They fit the material components onto frames and fill furniture with fibre stuffing. They fit accessories to furniture, including zips and buttons. Other tasks associated with this position include measuring furniture and fabric, ordering supplies and preparing quotations. Meeting with clients is important in order to assess their needs. During this process they offer the client advice on fabrics and techniques.

Handheld tools, as well as power tools, can be used to complete their duties, and they are also involved in the inspection of completed products. The average salary for an upholsterer in South Africa is R4 480 a month.

Upholstery skills and qualifications

To succeed in this field, you’ll need to be physically healthy and strong, and attention to detail and precision are required for this position. Self-motivation is essential in order to complete their duties, and dexterity and the ability to work with your hands are also required. While there are no qualifications that are mandatory for upholstery jobs, a Grade 9 education level is usually required by prospective employers. Alternatively, an NQF Level 1 qualification will typically make you eligible for an upholstery position.

Once you’re hired, you’ll receive training on the job and you will learn everything you need to know to complete your duties. Upholstery positions are entry-level manufacturing jobs and, once you have gained enough experience, you can apply for other roles in this sector. You can increase your chances of being hired by completing courses at a TVET college. Completing programmes that offer a trade or skills in upholstery will help to get your career off to a good start. One option is to complete an apprenticeship followed by a trade test.

Alternatively, you could choose to complete a learnership in Furniture Making: wood – upholstery, followed by a trade test. A third option is to enrol for a learnership in Furniture Production: upholstery, followed by a trade test. A local institute that offers relevant training is Furntech Advanced Furniture Technologies. The National Institute for the Deaf also offers relevant courses.

What kind of furniture can be upholstered?

Both household and commercial furniture can be upholstered. Popular pieces of furniture to upholster include chairs and sofas, and material or leather can be used to cover furniture. Upholstery jobs are also available in the boat-making industry. In this role, these professionals are required to use their upholstery skills on boat cabins. An upholsterer can also make soft furnishings out of material. Popular items include cushions as well as Roman blinds. Selecting the right fabric is an important part of upholstery.

Linen is appropriate for formal living rooms and is less suitable for family rooms. This fabric gives furniture a sophisticated finish but it also gets dirty easily. Leather is easy to clean and adds exclusivity to your interior décor. Another great option for upholstery is a cotton blend fabric since it is durable and stain-resistant. This type of material is ideal for family areas in your house.

Silk should only be used for areas that aren’t used frequently as this is a delicate fabric that gets damaged easily. Silk can be used to add elegance to the design of guest rooms or formal sections of your house. A high-quality acrylic is another option that can be used for upholstery.

With this newly acquired knowledge about being an upholsterer, you can search for upholstery jobs online. These positions are an excellent opportunity to gain experience in the manufacturing industry.

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